Frequently asked questions

  • What is is an on-line game site that uses Bitcoin as the only payment method. Prizes are always in Bitcoins or credits to keep on playing. The prizes you win will depend on your luck and your ability.

    At any time there will always be several games in progress. Each of those games will have a lot of boxes with the prize hidden in only one of those boxes. You have to open the right box to win that prize.

    You open a box with credits. The number of credits to open a box increases as the game progresses. The less boxes that remain unopened, the more credits you need to open a box. Every time you open a box, the credits will be automatically taken from your account.

    If you open a box and you find the prize hidden in it you will win it if nobody opens a new box in a predetermined time. If somebody opens a new box within that amount of time, the prize will be hidden in one of the remaining unopened boxes and the game will continue.

  • Tell me about those different types of games.

    There are 6 games types.

    Normal: The credits you need to open a box depend on the amount of remaining boxes. Once you find the prize inside a box, you'll have to wait some time to finally get it. If somebody opens any other box before the time counter reaches 0 the prize moves to another random box and the game continues.

    Fast: The rules are the same as in the normal game but there is no waiting time. If you find the prize inside a box you get it immediately.

    Fixed prize: The rules are the same as in the normal game but the credits you need to open a box are always the same. The game ends when the amount of remaining boxes times the credits you need to open on box equals the value of the prize.

    Double or nothing: There are only two boxes, the amount of credits you need to open one of those two boxes is half the value of the prize. You have 50% chances to win the prize. Of course there is no waiting time.

    Beginners: The rules are the same as in normal games but only user who never won a prize can play.

    Free: The rules are the same as in normal games but opening a box has no cost at all. For every free game each user can only open one box though.

    Multiprize: The rules are the same as in normal games but, besides the main prize, there are 9 more prizes hidden in the boxes. There are 5 prizes of 1 credits, 2 prizes of 2 credits, 1 prize of 5 credits and 1 prize of 10 credits. If you find one of those prizes the credits are added to your account immediately.

  • How much does it cost to participate in

    There are several available games to choose. Decide how many credits you want to use. To open one box has a price in credits that will be taken from your account. To add credits to your account, click on the option Buy credits where you can buy as many credits as you want. The only currency accepted is Bitcoin.

    You need to register in to play a game and to buy credits. Registration is free. Besides, if you validate your email account clicking in the link we send you, you'll bee able to play in our free games.

    However there are several ways to participate in spending nothing. You will discover that sometimes there are promotions that allow you to get free credits or recover those you have lost in a game you haven't won. There is also a game type in which opening a box costs nothing (users can only open one box in this game type).

    You can spend as much money as you want in You can win several prizes without spending a single Satoshi or you can be a strong player buying a high amount of credits and designing an elaborate gaming strategy.

  • I've won a prize. Do I have to pay anything else?

    No. In the only time you have to pay is when buying credits. Everything else is free.

    If you win a prize in Bitcoins, in credits or in both, you won't have to pay anything, we will send the prize automatically for free.

  • I'm playing in a game but it isn't shown in the statistics.

    Don't worry. Your statistics are updated when games finish so there is data which won't be shown until those games end.

  • What happens when nobody finds the prize in any box?

    It depends on if somebody found the prize previously.

    Where there are only two unopened boxes left, only one of them can be opened, existing 50% chances of finding the prize position. If the user who opens the box finds the prize, they will win the prize immediately. If they fail, two events may take place:

    1-If there was an user who found the prize previously, they will win the prize.

    2-If there was no user who found the prize previously, nobody gets the prize and all used credits will be refunded to every user who has played in that game.

  • Somebody has found the prize position, can I still open boxes?

    Yes. When somebody finds the prize position he won't get it immediately (this rule won't apply if there was only two unopened boxes left). He has to wait a predetermined time which may vary between a few minutes and several hours. During this time any other user may open a new box. If this happens, the prize will be randomly repositioned in any of the boxes which remain unopened so this user can find the prize position again.

    If the time counter reaches 0 and nobody opened a new box, the user who found the position in the first place will keep it definitely.

  • How do I know you haven't change the prize position during the game?

    Every game has a MD5 hash attached generated from a text string which includes the prize position. When a prize is found that text string will be shown so everybody can check if it matches the MD5 hash. You can see it by yourself in any game detail page.

  • Is there any affiliation program?

    Yes, with our Affiliation Program you'll get 15% of every Bitcoin an user who signs up thanks to you spends in You need to contact us so we can create a new affiliation account for you. Go to Affiliation/Reward Program to get more information.

  • Can I create multiple accounts and get free credits?

    One of the main rules of the site is not to create fake accounts. Of course there is no easy way to avoid it so maybe you'll be able to create multiple fake accounts and use them to get free credits before we realize.

    But don't forget that every prize we deliver is processed manually so we won't give a single Satoshi to an user with a suspicious behaviour. So go ahead, play around, have fun, but don't expect to win anything if you don't follow the rules.

  • Why there are some last winner items with no transaction link?

    That happens in these cases:

    1-The user won a prize but never claimed it. When it happens we try to contact them but it doesn't work everytime.

    2-An user manages to win a prize before we notice it's a fraudulent user with duplicated or fake accounts. The database saves the item but we never pay the prize.

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